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~"Never hope more than you work." Rita Mae Brown~

This is my writing journal. My personal journal is a deep, dark secret. I'm sure you could figure it out if you really cared to.

I'm a 24-year-old woman, going to school and working on her dreams of becoming a professional writer. I'm interested in short stories, novels, scriptwriting, and flash or micro fiction. I write in many genres and usually give everything a try. Most of my stuff is usually horror, humor (dark more often than not), speculative, sci-fi/fantasy, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), and religious studies. Please note, I'm not religious and these writings aren't for or against any particular religion or belief system, specifically. Observations, rather than blatant accusations.

I'm on the liberal side and my writing sometimes reflects that. As long as you're comfortable with the things I mentioned, we'll be fine. If you aren't and add me anyway, it's not my problem!

I'm hoping to find others who are serious about their writing. Whether we write in the same genre or not (though I'd prefer you were interested in fiction), I'd be happy to add you if you're on the same path I am. I'm just hoping to be published and love talking to other people with that same goal.

I'll add anyone who adds me, but I'll only read your journal if you talk about writing fiction! Strict blogging or fanfiction will not be read or commented on. Likewise, if you add me to read all of your posts but never return the favor, I won't read anymore. This is a writing journal, not a read-other-people's-egos-in-text journal. XD

Can't wait to meet you!